Maintaining the Technical Spirit of SPE UET LSC, A Technical event is going to be held for the technical advancement of the students of the Department of Petroleum & Gas Engineering. Students will be using their creativity to tackle the modules of PetroFest ’18. The details to every module are as follow:


1) PetroBowl:

PetroBowl UET, a knockout competition in which teams consisting of 4 members with a declared team captain go against each other in a fast buzzer based round followed by question/answer round (option may or may not be given to questions) and visual rounds. A moderator resides over the competition and puts forth the questions.

This exciting round comprising of individual questioning, buzzer round and visuals was conducted with great keenness and tremendous fervor. The participants were warm and eager to compete against each other. The scoring and timekeeping were also fair and square.

The end results of this competition was the victory of:

PETRONINJAS from 16 session

2) Industrial Quiz:

The competition will be a pure petroleum engineering relating test open to the students who are going to apply for a career in the oil and gas industry. The quiz is made by the professionals of different companies, similar to a job hiring test. This will provide an insight to the students about the selection procedures in P&G companies of Pakistan.

The Industrial Quiz was prepared by Industry Professionals. Students from all sessions participated with great enthusiasm.

The Top 5 positions are:

Muhammad Atif Razzaq 2015-PET-3
Muhammad Sohaib Tanveer 2015-PET-6
Saud Qadir Khan 2015-PET-17
Muhammad AbuBakar 2016-PET-18
Ziab Ahmad 2015-PET-9

3) Rig Design Competition:

The module assesses the creativity of the participants along with teamwork as they compete in pairs and are given the task to make a model of Rig using everyday material provided by SPE UET LSC. The winner is judged based on the completion of important parts of the rig, primarily, and aesthetics.

The executives came up with the awesome idea of Rig Designing where participants were given Ice-cream sticks and other essentials to create their very own rig.

Great enthusiasm and passion was seen among the competition candidates. After 50 minutes the best rig was designed by Team Gladiators from 16 session

4) HSE Case Study:

Team SPE ask from the participants to submit a case study on Safety Incidents like Deep Water Horizon or Piper Alpha Rig (Incident will be participant’s choice) consisting of the reasons behind these events and the possible suggested solutions which could have prevented them if they were the Safety Engineer at that time. These case studies are discussed and the best solution is given a cash prize and certificates.

It’s the HSE case study where participants presented a case and discussed the mishaps of oil & gas industry. They told the reason behind these mishaps as well as the ways they could be prevented.

The winner of this module is MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH from 16 session. His remarkable efforts were visible that made judges select him out of the competing candidates. The other contestants gave a tough competition to the winner.

Congratulations to the Team SPE for conducting a successful week full of exciting and challenging activities. We promise to keep bringing such healthy and creative stuff.
May SPE prospers!

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