An Online Quiz Competition to challenge your Knowledge about the Oil and Gas Sector.

The quiz consists of 3 rounds Screening round, semifinal and Final round. The questions was asked from the following domains:

~ Petroleum Engineering (Drilling, Reservoir & Production)
~ Industry History (Petroleum)
~ Health Safety and Environment (HSE)


Screening Round:

All the registered participants attempted this round. Screening round had 30 MCQS with time limit 20 minutes.

Here are the Winners of the Screening Round.

Semi-Final Round:

Top 10 Contestants from the registered participants attempted this round. Semi-Final round had 30 MCQS with time limit 20 minutes.

Winners of the Semi-Final Round.

Final Round:

Top 5 Contestants from the Semi-Final Round attempted this round. The final round was comprised of 40 MCQs with time limit 30 minutes.

The PETROSUMMER Season 3 Final round has ended . This remarkable project was set up by SPE UET Lahore Student Chapter from 17th to 19th August 2018.
Continuing the legacy of holding an International Event every year, the team announced a 3 round contest for people form all around the world. We got the best outcome of our struggles and witnessed the participation of people not only from all over Pakistan but foreign countries too. India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, more than 15 countries took part in this worldwide contest.

The final round took place from 12pm to 9pm on 19th August 2018 and the winner of this round was:

Hamza Saad , UET Lahore, Session 2015.

Other positions were as below:
2nd position: Bilal Naveed scored 28
3rd position: Ali Hadi & Pawar Yogendrasingh Parvatsingh scored 23
4th position: Muhammad Zeshan Haidar scored19

We present our warmest congratulations to the winner of this far-reaching and exciting competition. Also, the whole team of SPE UET LSC feels grateful to see participants actively performing from all around the globe. We’re really thankful and send best wishes to every single member who registered themselves.

We promise to keep bringing such events and activities for the students that boost up the zeal and confidence and activates them to perform best in their lives.

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