Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing
– Benjamin Franklin

SPE UET LSC is here with another exciting new opportunity for you to PUBLISH your very own ARTICLE in the second edition of PETROZINE

After the success of the first edition of Petrozine, SPE is opening the submissions of another Informative installment of Petrozine. If you can write anything about the Oil and Gas Sector. This is your chance to get it known to the world.

This will enhance your writing ability as well as make you capable of thinking on a broad level. It will help you develop your writing skills and increase your technical knowledge.

You have to submit the article on speuet@gmail.com by 15th of November.

You have to write about
– Technical advancements in the Oil & Gas field
– Industrial Knowledge
– Engineering Competencies
– Department of Petroleum & Gas Engineering UET Lahore

Give your best and see your article being the star of PETROZINE. SPE hopes to hear a positive response from the audience. Good Luck

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