The Society of Petroleum Engineers is a well-established body which has long-served as a technical and professional resource for the graduate programme and research activities. Worldwide it is by far one of the largest resource pools available to those working in the many disciplines across the Oil and Gas industry. SPE provides a global forum for the exchange of technology to meet the world’s energy needs both today and in the future.

The SPE University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Student Chapter, part of the global Society of Petroleum Engineers, was established on 1st June 2000. SPE UET Lahore Student Chapter is Gold Standard chapter for the year 2014-2015. Moreover, SPE UET Student Chapter is a leading student community in Pakistan, responsible for all petroleum student activities on campus and excursions as well. Specifically we have created solid and popularity-proved services, available for all members and students. At the moment we have over 200 members, including 33 actives.

Our Mission is rooted in the enhancement of the learning experience that students receive while working toward their degrees. We strive to provide the types of opportunities that result in better prepared graduates. These graduates enter the industry with a developed knowledge base of industry trends and technology advancements that academic studies alone cannot provide. Part of our directive, is to foster the connection between industry, Petroleum & Gas Engineering Program, and the SPE UET Lahore Student Chapter. We see this link as being vitally important to both students and employers, as each has a fundamental need for one another.

To accomplish the goals set out by our members, we organize and host a series of technical presentations & workshops. We also send delegations to conferences and events across the World.

The technical talk presentations are the cornerstone of our “learning enhancement” initiative. We invite professional members from a wide variety of companies to present lectures and seminars on the latest innovations and petroleum engineering practices. By participating in these talks, the student members broaden their skills and knowledge while staying close to the cutting edge of technology.